Log: A disparate group of mystical misfits intertwine with an otherworldly, genderless apparition through fantastic and carnal dreamscapes.

Synopsis: 'Kairos Dirt' follows the strange happenings of two middle school lunch ladies, an androgynous student, a lesbian hospice provider, a grieving ministry worker, a transgender elder, a mystical mortician, and an astrologer/life coach/phone sex operator as their lives intertwine to skirt alternate dimensions amid the post-industrial decay of the American South. Through a series of collective dreams a transworldly being invades the characters' dream spaces, revealing wanton subconscious desires and a carnal alternate realm. Relationships unfold in unusual and fantastical landscapes as television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals to access this mysterious dimension. The characters are forced to ask “what is self?” What is other? What must we give up to become something else?

Directed by Madsen Minax
Total Run Time: 89 minutes
Color, Stereo, 16:9/1.77:1

Key Personnel: Madsen Minax, Paul W. Kruse, Meredith Zielke, Cameron Gibson, Eileen Townsend, Cortney Andrews, Brett Hanover, Lyle Kash